Athena's Sword

"The holy light shall lead us!"


Welcome to the Athena's Sword guild main page. Here you can look up coming events, announcements and much more.

Guild Tournys

Information about Guild Tournaments will be posted in the blogs. As well as posted on the calendar to set reminders. All time will be EST. Please figure out the time differences between EST and your time zone. We won't be held responsible if you don't know and you miss it.

Athena’s Sword is a PvPvE guild. Majority of our members do PvP; however, we are no longer a Competitive PvP-centric guild since mid 2012. Our guild is based off of the greek goddess Athena – NOT the skill of Arme’s. We prioritize all that the Greek Goddess stands for: Civilization, Creativity, & War (amongst other things). Creativity – we hold many events that pit our fellow members against each other to show off their skills (whether it be through writing, music, painting, drawing, etc. Of course there will be prizes when such events are held). Civilization – we value friendship and respect above all. Our guild isn’t merely just numbers, but family. If you want to join the Athena’s Sword guild, you must be ready to stand by its members as if they were your own family. War – The Goddess Athena was a goddess of war. The war we fight is either PvP or GvG or PvE.