Athena's Sword

"The holy light shall lead us!"


BlackRain/ Legion of Arcane

A Time among times when only the Gods roamed around of a world they didn't even know of. But in a separate Dimension their was another race called the Humans of which their Gods had mastered their time space. But even though the Gods were the most superior being unknown even they didn't know everything. Apparently Each diemension full of Gods knew a bit about the whole truth of existence and once all of them found one another they would know it all a truth that even a God should not know. But in the Era of the Xeithains found about their plan from the Demi God Hermies and brave souls from this dynasty and the Espalite joined forces to stop the Gods from finding the truth of all existence. From that came the Xeith Dynasty and now it's our mission to find out who is the supreme Ruler who is having fun with our souls in their mysterious game...

Beating Hearts

This guild leader is active and I know it. This guild is filled with nice people and moderate if not excellent, PvPers. The guild members I have met are very friendly and encouraging to all they encounter. 

Site: Beating Hearts

Organization XIII

I'm not too sure if they're still active or not because I haven't been in touch with the guild leader lately. He changed his name and I can't find him. -sob-. Anyway, it's with the original Org. 13. Not the petty mock ones.

Site: Organization XIII

Radiant Dawn

 This guild is a combination of both dungeoning and PvP like our own. The members of this guild are nice and competative! I've met a lot and some of my friends are even in this guild. They're currently active (you can tell mostly because of how many are in and out of pvp rooms really) and the guild leader is nice!