Athena's Sword

"The holy light shall lead us!"


Athena's Sword is ready to play again! We're stationed in the Grand Chase Reborn server.



Athena's Sword is now under new management! The look and feel of the website has been dramatically changed.



  • Registration & Rules have been compiled into one page making: Applying

Added a Ranking page.
Added Trivia Page
Changed Shop's name to Merchandise
Moved Ranks under Members tab
Compiled Athena's Story & Athena's Symbol into one page making: Athena's Story
Athena's Story moved under Trivia tab.
Guild management has changed from GM_Asuri to GM_Bananas
Generals have changed.

We're in the process of moving website hosts. 

  • Upcoming updates include:
  • Overhaul on Ranking system
  • Change how events are done
  • Change how members are emailed
  • Possibly change Forum system
  • Changing to a new website host



  • Bake Sale~? No, muffins but other merchandise is for sale!
Hey guys~! Wanna show your pride in a new way? How about you buy some of our stylish merchandise to make others jealous. Athena's Sword may be the first Guild ever to implement a shop. This shop is not only to supply you with stylish clothes but also to fund the guild for some of the expenses we're having trouble with. (keeping the website up or upgrading the website to the next membership level.) So head on the CafePress Shop and do a little shopping! Pretty soon, we'll hold a contest!



  • We can do it too!

We now have an option for you to log-in through face book. this'll make it easier for out lazy members to sign up but don't feel like it but can get on facebook. Not saying anything names (CoughCoughRikuCoughCough) anyway I hope you guys take advantage of this. it took me like 30mins to set this up and it gave me a headache. *Sob*



  • Aly in wonderland.
Welcome our newest GM Alice. She will be helping out with recruting as well as the creative part of the guild. She will be helping out with the site so if you have any bugs or glitches to report, you may direct it to her as well!


  •  Are you ready for a Dynasty of...War?!

We are proud to say that we are now apart of the Legion of Arcane.


  • Signs of the Goddess...

Under Athena's Story is a sub tab about the symbols of Athena. They can give you some ideas for your banners and stuff or maybe just so you can know more about the goddess this guild is dedicated/based to/on.



  • Guild Alliances.

Just added a Allying Guilds page so you can view who or buddies are!! :F If you have a suggestion on who's guild we should ally ourselves with, just PM in-game or on the site.




  • Athena Goes Mobile!
We're proud to say that you can now view our site and updates via Mobile phones. Now you can read and interact with us on the go!



  • New understandings
The languages Filipino and Korean has been added to the list of speakable languages  in the forums and. These two languages are horribly written by GM_Zenon and GM_Ziggy respectively but we will try our damn-est to write it right.
(more to come later maybe)


  • Banners R' Us!

Although this was done yesterday, we have a new banner! We were just determining whether or not this was big enough news to post here.

  •  Video Problem

Well, everyone knows that there has been some major lagging going on in the GC servers. Because of this, we are sad to say that the GC event Athen Pride will end today. We will put it on hold for another time when there is less lag.



  • We're introducing a new way to contact the generals and leader in a faster way, how ever. 
Use this email which will be monitored close to 24/7. write in the subject which General(Admins) or the guild leader you're directing the email to.
  • A new question has been added to the profile questions.

It is a requirement to answer this. It helps us know who you are in the guild. It also helps us know who we have to get 

  •  A new way to email!

From now on, we will not email you a story about the updates to the site. We will just send a short email  telling you that we updated and we'll link it back to this page.

  •  Navigation updated!

Now some of the links in the navi bar have sub links.

  • Register -> Rules
  • Calendar -> Guild Tournaments, Events
  • Members -> Photos/ScreenShot, Videos, Arcade