Athena's Sword

"The holy light shall lead us!"


  • Athena's Sword, against popular belief, is NOT based on Arme's skill Athena's Sword - but based off of the Greek Goddess of Civilization: Athena.
  • Mari is |AS|'s mascot.
  • |AS| Was a guild before guild systems' release in 2010.
  • |AS|'s birthday was chosen to be October 6th 2010, the day the guild systems were released in the NA server.
  •  |AS| was originally founded early March 2009.
  • Back in 2011, it was found that majority of the guild's pvpers were Arme users.
  • lASlZieghart is the founder of Athena's Sword, |AS|Asuri was a co-founder.
  • |AS| was amongst the top 10 active competitive guilds back in 2010-2012
  • Back in 2011, |AS| joined Legion of Arcane